Enable/Disable Vizit DRM

Vizit DRM allows certain users to be restricted to read-only versions of documents, viewed through the Vizit viewers. Defining which users are affected can be done very simply, or it can be achieved using custom code in an IFileDRMPlugin: http://support.vizit.com/entries/48596923-Customize-Vizit-DRM-with-the-IFileDrmPlugin This article will describe the out-of-the-box functionality of Vizit DRM and how to enable and disable it.


Out of the box, Vizit DRM is not enabled. Without writing custom code, the options for enabling it consist of defining one user group to be restricted to the Vizit Essential viewer, and another to Vizit Pro. It is not necessary to have both groups for DRM to be functional--as long as you have one or the other, DRM will function.

  1. Set up your group(s) and add the appropriate users. This follows normal SharePoint rules for creating user groups.
  2. In Central Admin, under the Vizit heading, click "configure settings"
  3. Under the Vizit Digital Rights Management groups, enter the names of the groups you have created. DRM will work if you only enter a group in one box, or if you enter the same group in both. If you enter the same group in both, or a user is in both groups, they will be directed to Vizit Pro.
  4. Check that Vizit DRM is activated at the web app level. To do this, under manage web apps, select the relevant web app, and click manage features.
  5. Now when an affected user is logged in and they try to access a document from its direct SharePoint URL, rather than automatically downloading, the document will open in one of the Vizit viewers.

To disable Vizit DRM once it has been enabled, simply remove the affected user groups under the Vizit configure settings page in Central Administration. The feature can be disabled on the web app level and the user groups deleted at that point, if you should so desire.

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