Installing Vizit Manually

Sometimes when installing Vizit, the normal solution installer will be unable to activate features properly due to irregularities in your farm setup. To bypass this, you can install Vizit manually.

  1. Download the Vizit installer and place it in a known location like the Desktop.
  2. Open command prompt
  3. Navigate / cd to the directory where the installer is
  4. Extract the .wsp file from the installer: type the name of the installer, plus a few random letters and then the letter x. Format as in this example: Vizit-Setup_6.3.0.1797.exe test x
  5. On the resulting popup, click yes and save the wsp to a known location like the Desktop
  6. Vizit.wsp should be placed in the location
  7. Open SharePoint Management Shell
  8. Type "Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath <path to wsp>" without the quotes, and replacing "path to wsp" with the full file path and name of the wsp
  9. Open Central Administration
  10. Go to manage farm solutions -> Vizit.wsp -> deploy solution
  11. Enable the Vizit features you want at the site, site collection, application or farm level.  This knowledge base article outlines enabling Vizit features at various scopes:
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