Why does rendition service fail on my 64-bit system?

Note: As of Vizit 6.3, the Rendition Service will no longer be supported. Instead, click here to check if the formats you want to add are already supported, and use an IPDFConverter plugin to add them if not.


As of OpenOffice 3.1.X, OpenOffice.org does not provide 64-bit version of OpenOffice, so all OpenOffice binaries are 32-bit. Rendition service uses OpenOffice API, which depends on OpenOffice binaries. Therefore when rendition service is trying to convert a document using OpenOffice, it attempts to load 32-bit libraries in 64-bit context, which causes an error.

This problem has been fixed in 2.0 release. However, if you are running version 2.0 beta or 1.6, you may experience this behavior in 64-bit systems. In order to work this problem around for 1.6 and 2.0 beta, please download 32-bit rendition service (here) and replace your 64-bit binaries. This will force rendition service to run in 32-bit mode under your 64-bit OS, so it will be compatible with your OpenOffice build. Important note: you will need to install service using 64-bit binaries and then replace binaries with 32-bit ones, otherwise service install may fail.

If your rendition service is still failing, please consider running the service in console mode (--debug command line option) and using rendition service test tool (Atalasoft.Transform.RemoteConverter.exe) to troubleshoot the rendition service problem, as described in this KB article.

In rare cases you may see rendition service running normally in console mode, but not working correctly when started as a service. This behavior is most likely caused by permission issues. Please check that account that runs your rendition service has proper access permissions (can write to the Work and Cache folders) and is allowed to interact with desktop.

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