How do I disable Vizit on a single page using VIZIT_SETTINGS?

The Vizit.Everywhere feature places our JavaScript on every page. When a page loads, we place buttons and Instant Previews next to any Document Library links. In some cases, you may want to disable this entirely and use the Vizit™ Web Part to place buttons on specific pages. This can be done by unchecking the "Show Vizit Everywhere" box in Central Administration on the Configure Settings page in the Vizit™ section. In other cases, you may want Vizit™ buttons to appear on all pages except for a select few.

Place the following script on those pages using the Advanced section of the Vizit™ Web Part options to achieve this:

    var VIZIT_SETTINGS = {
buttons: false,
takeOverLinks: false

Note: If you are using Vizit™ version 4.0, you must place the above code in a <script> block in a Content Editor Web Part. The Advanced section of the Vizit™ Web Part options was added in Vizit™ 4.1.

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