How do I activate my Vizit Evaluation License?

Once Vizit™ has been successfully installed, navigate to Central Administration.  Scroll down to the Vizit™ Administration Links:


For SharePoint 2010, these links will appear on your main Central Administration page.  For SharePoint 2007, you must first navigate to "Application Management" to see the Vizit™ Administration Links.  Click on “Manage License”: 


Enter your Evaluation License Key in the Serial Number text field, select the Web Front End that you would like to activate Vizit™ on, then select “Activate”. 

The system will then communicate with the Licensing Server and activate your Vizit™ software.  Once successfully activated, notice the text in the upper left will change from "Vizit is not currently licensed" to the following:


Your expiration date will be 30 days from the date that you requested your license key. At this point, you are all set to start using Vizit™.


Offline Activation

If your server does not have access to the internet, after entering your Evaluation License Key in the Serial Number text box and selecting "Activate", you will receive a message along with directions to follow to activate your Vizit™ software offline: 


Step 1: You will be prompted to download a file titled OfflineActivation.xml.  Save this file to a computer that DOES have access to the internet.

Step 2: On the computer that you saved your Offline Activation file to, navigate to  Click the "Browse" button and select your OfflineActivation.xml file:


Step 3: Select "Activate".

Step 4: You will then be prompted to download a file titled License.xml from  Save this file so you can access it from the machine that is displaying Vizit's "Manage License" page in Central Administration.

Step 5: Return to your Central Administration "Manage License" page where you are activating your Vizit™ Evaluation License.  Select the "Browse" button.  Browse to your License.xml file and select the "Upload" button.

Your Vizit™ software is now licensed.  If you have any questions or issues with activating your Vizit™ Evaluation License, please submit a request to our support team either by email ( or by filling out our support request form online:  We are happy to assist you and will respond as soon as possible.

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