How can I improve Vizit's performance?

Among Vizit's many features, it is primarily a tool that processes images. Image processing is an extremely memory-intensive process, and while most SharePoint farms can do it in a reasonable amount of time, some farms struggle. This can happen even with top-of-the-line server equipment, depending on how many users at a time are requesting image processing operations. Some of the symptoms of these struggles are thumbnails loading very slowly, or not at all, the Vizit Essential or Pro viewers loading very slowly or not at all, or having timeout/checkout errors appear.


Upgrading the farm hardware is the best way to provide significant performance increases, but it is rarely a practical solution.


Other ways to improve performance consist of trying to eliminate as many image processing operations as possible. Here are some suggestions:

  • Turn off instant previews--instructions here:
  • Turn off hover previews--instructions here:
  • Turn off the Explorer Grid--instructions here:

If turning off some or all of these options does not improve performance, there might be other problems with your Vizit installation or SharePoint farm and you should contact Vizit support:

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