Vizit Licensing Details

How are Vizit licenses sold?

Updated October 2014


Vizit is sold as a SharePoint Farm license with Client Access Licenses (CALs) for Vizit Essential, Vizit PRO, and/or Vizit DRM.

At least one Vizit SharePoint Production Farm license is required in order to use any Vizit products. The necessity for additional Vizit Production or Non-Production Farm licenses is dictated by the configuration of your SharePoint environment. Non-Production licenses are significantly cheaper than Production licenses, but are only allowed for use on a test or development environment rather than a live environment.

Vizit CALs are Named User licenses, which require a license for each user provided access to Vizit.

Vizit Essential Licenses (CALs)

Vizit Essential CALs provide the following features:

  • The Vizit Essential Viewer
  • Thumbnail previews (automatically placed next to search results and library items. Only available in SharePoint 2010)
  • Instant hover previews
  • In-Document Conversations
  • Clips (Quickly link to selected areas of documents)
  • Metadata/Property Editor
  • Key Word Search within documents
  • View email attachments

Vizit PRO Licenses (CALs)

Vizit PRO provides many advanced features, some of which are:

  • The Vizit PRO Document Viewer
  • Advanced annotation and content mark-up capabilities
  • Scan-to-SharePoint
  • Sophisticated automatic document clean-up
  • Document split & merge
  • One free Vizit Essential CAL for each Vizit PRO CAL. The Essential CAL contains all the regular features of Essential described above.

Vizit DRM Licenses (CALs)

The Vizit Digital Rights Management feature allows for enhanced, granular security control over the documents in your SharePoint library, and can be set up in minutes.

  • Prevent users from downloading files or printing documents from SharePoint and displays the document in read-only format in Vizit Essential or PRO instead.
  • Generate dynamic text or image watermarks and apply them to every page that users in certain groups view. Customize the text, date and time display, and other features to prevent unauthorized publishing of your documents due to screen grabs, while leaving the document unobscured so users can still be productive.

Our easy-to-use API gives you access to all the information you need to decide whether a user should:

  • Be able to download/print the file
  • Be shown a read-only view of the document in Vizit Essential
  • Be presented with all of our annotating capabilities in Vizit Pro while still being unable to download

Vizit List Search Web Part

The Vizit List Search Web Part Web Part adds enhanced metadata search functionality to your SharePoint farm.

  • Create, save and reuse searches for yourself or for other users
  • Search index fields without having to wait for the Data Store to be crawled
  • Index values become available to the Vizit List Search Web Part Web immediately upon their creation

The Vizit List Search Web Part Web is licensed per SharePoint Farm license. There are no CALs required.


Vizit has introduced a number of APIs which allow for customizing the Pro user interface, creating annotations that are specific to your business process, and securely connecting to external document sources. This can provide deeper integration into your SharePoint projects. There is no additional charge for using these APIs, and support/assistance for implementing them is available from the Vizit support team.

Vizit Maintenance

First year maintenance is required at the time of purchase of any Vizit Farm licenses or CALs. Vizit Maintenance charges are calculated at 20% of the retail price of the associated license(s). Maintenance provides all patches, updates, and major upgrades that are released within that year at no additional cost, as well as access to our customer support team.

After the first year, renewal of Vizit Maintenance is optional. 

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