Vizit Feature Comparison

The Vizit product family consists of two core products (Vizit Essential and Vizit Pro) and a number of useful add-ons. Essential and Pro have some feature overlap, as well as some features that only available in either one. The below chart is a reference for which features are in which program.


***Please note that Vizit Essential is included free of charge in all Vizit Pro purchases, but the two viewing programs still operate separately even if both are available to use on an environment. This chart reflects that separation.



Vizit Essential

Vizit Pro

View many types of documents immediately within SharePoint library X X
Basic viewing features like zoom, pan, scroll X X
Thumbnail view X X
Download file via the Vizit viewer X X
Print file via the Vizit viewer X X
View two files side by side and move them at the same time   X
Email a file via the Vizit viewer X X
Clip sections with a shareable URL X  
Vizit Social in-document chat with integrated clipping feature X  
View and edit document metadata X X
Search within document with keyword highlighting X  
View and navigate PDF bookmarks X  
View email attachments on email format files X  
Export file to PDF   X
Auto-scan barcodes   X
Best-fit viewing zoom   X
Automatic document correction features for optimizing scanned images   X
Flip/rotate pages of a document   X
Split, delete, rearrange pages in a document   X
Powerful annotation capabilities   X
Burn annotations   X

Our Vizit DRM add-on integrates seamlessly with both Essential and Pro. Learn more about it here:

Not all features listed above are available for all document types. For a list of all supported document formats, take a look here:

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