How to Clear the Vizit Essential Cache

Vizit Essential stores rasterized copies of certain file formats for faster processing. There are times when this cache may need to be cleared to force Vizit to re-rasterize a particular file. When this is necessary, run the ReaderCacheClear tool on your Central Administration server.  You must be a farm administrator to run the tool.

  1. Download the ReaderCacheClear.exe program:
  2. Double click on the ReaderCacheClear.exe.
  3. Each of the Site Collections will be crawled and their corresponding Essential Cache folder will be deleted -- forcing a new cache to be created when necessary. The ReaderCacheClear tool will display all crawled Site Collections and will indicate which ones had Essential Cache folders deleted.
  4. When it is complete, press any key to exit. It may take several moments for the tool to completely delete all Essential Cache folders from your farm.
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