Upgrading to Vizit 4.0

Vizit 4.0 introduces new features and provides a better foundation for our product moving forward. With that, some additional steps are required when upgrading from a previous version.

For SharePoint 2007, you must uninstall previous versions of Vizit before installing 4.0. You will also have to reactivate your license and re-request an evaluation license if you are using one. For SharePoint 2010, follow the remainder of the instructions below.

After upgrading Vizit using the Vizit Solution Installer, it is necessary that you install the Vizit.Everywhere feature (in SharePoint 2010 only). This feature places our JavaScript on the page and makes it available for our WebParts and Vizit Essential to run. This feature also automatically places Vizit buttons next to every document link in your SharePoint farm, making it easier than ever to deploy Vizit in large-scale environments.

One last step that must be taken when upgrading is to reactivate your license. This is required due to changes that we have made to our licensing which will provide an easier path for upgrading in future releases.

To install the Vizit.Everywhere feature, follow the steps below after upgrading Vizit to version 4.0. It is not necessary to install the Vizit.Everywhere feature manually if you are installing 4.0 on a farm that did not have a prior version of Vizit installed or if you have uninstalled that earlier version before installing 4.0.

Installing Vizit.Everywhere with PowerShell

  1. Open the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell
  2. Type the following PowerShell command into the window and press enter:
    Install-SPFeature Vizit.Everywhere

Installing Vizit.Everywhere with STSADM

  1. Open a command prompt and navigate to the BIN folder in your SharePoint root directory
    • The path is "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\14\BIN"
  2. Type the following STSADM command into the window and press enter:
    stsadm -o installfeature -name Vizit.Everywhere

In 4.0, Vizit.Everywhere is an auto-activating Farm-wide Feature so it will not appear in any feature lists inside the SharePoint web user interface and it does not need to be activated manually. Simply installing it using the steps above will complete the process.

From version 4.1-Hotfix on, the Vizit.Everywhere Farm Feature is no longer hidden and auto-activating; you will need to activate a Vizit.Everywhere feature at the required scope to get its behavior.  Please see the KB article on Targeted Vizit Deployment for more information.

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