Manually Upgrading to Vizit 4.1 Hotfix

This only applies to those upgrading manually with the WSP file.

It is not necessary to follow the steps outlined in this article if you are installing a fresh copy of Vizit on your farm, if you have uninstalled Vizit prior to installing the Vizit 4.1 Hotfix, or if you are upgrading using the Vizit Installer executable.

In Vizit 4.0 and 4.1, there is a Farm-scoped Feature called Vizit Everywhere. Its purpose is to make Vizit's JavaScript available for use by the Vizit Web Part and allow buttons and Instant Previews to be placed next to documents.

With the new Features added in the 4.1 Hotfix release, the Farm-scoped Vizit Everywhere Feature can be deactivated and Web Application, Site Collection, and Site-scoped features can be activated in its place. To learn more about these features and how they can be used to customize the roll-out of Vizit, read the Targeted Vizit Deployment KB article.

Since this Vizit Everywhere Feature was required for Vizit to work properly in releases leading up to the 4.1 Hotfix release, it was automatically installed, activated, and hidden from the Farm Features list. Follow these steps to make the Farm-scoped Vizit Everywhere feature visible in the Farm Features list:

For those upgrading to the 4.1 Hotfix manually via STSADM or PowerShell, you must manually install the following features:

  • Vizit.Everywhere.WebApp
  • Vizit.Everywhere.Site
  • Vizit.Everywhere.Web
  • Vizit.DisableEverywhere.WebApp
  • Vizit.DisableEverywhere.Site
  • Vizit.DisableEverywhere.Web
  • Vizit.Everywhere (after you upgrade to 4.1 Hotfix, this feature must be manually uninstalled as well as installed).
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