Targeted Vizit Deployment: Farm, Web Application, Site Collection, Site, and Page-level Scoping

In Vizit 4.1 Hotfix, we've added seven new SharePoint Features to Vizit that will allow our customers to customize their roll-out of Vizit:

  • Farm
  • Web Application (Enable / Disable)
  • Site Collection (Enable / Disable)
  • Site (Enable / Disable)

The Farm-scoped Vizit Everywhere feature is straight forward. It enables customers to have Vizit displayed next to every document within the Farm. If it is enabled, Web Application and Site Collection administrators can still disable (or re-enable) Vizit at the various levels below.

For Web Applications, Site Collections, and Sites, there are two, complementary features: Vizit Everywhere and Disable Vizit Everywhere.  By using a combination of these features, as well as the Vizit Web Part, Vizit can be enabled and disabled in a trickle-down fashion, allowing complete and easy control over where Vizit shows up -- from the entire Farm, down to a single page. If Vizit Everywhere is enabled at the Site Collection level, for example, it can be turned off on a single Site of that Site Collection by using the Disable Vizit Everywhere feature.

Example Scenario

The following is a more complicated example where various departments within the organization have different needs: some including Vizit and some not. In this scenario, you are the Farm Administrator, Jane is a Site Collection Administrator, Mark is a Site owner, and Joe is a page-level author.

You have a SharePoint farm with two web applications, each with a few site collections, sites and subsites.  Leaving the Vizit Everywhere farm feature activated, Vizit will display in all the document libraries on the farm.  Let's say, however, that Jane, one Site Collection Administrator, has decided that Vizit shouldn't be used (gasp!).  She can browse to her Site Collection Features page and activate the Disable Vizit Everywhere feature. This turns off Vizit for all the sites in that collection.

Next, let's assume that Mark, a Site owner, whose site is within Jane's Site Collection, decides his site should have Vizit.  He can browse to his Site Features page and activate the Vizit Everywhere feature.  Now, everywhere on Mark's Site, Vizit will be displayed.

Finally, we have Joe, a page author, who would like to use Vizit for his Document Library.  Assuming Jane has enabled the Vizit Site Collection feature, the Vizit web part will be available to Joe from his web part gallery.  Joe can add the Vizit web part to any zone on his page.  Then, Vizit buttons and Instant Previews will be shown next to every document in his library.

With this kind of flexibility, our customers will be able to enable Vizit on their farm in a variety of ways.

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