Vizit Notifications: How to subscribe to threads in Social Conversations

With Vizit 5.0, users can now subscribe to threads in social conversations by enabling our Vizit Notifications web application feature.  This feature is automatically installed when using our solution installer.  Follow the steps below to configure Vizit Notifications for your Web application:

    1. Activate the Vizit Notifications feature in Central Administration:
      • In the Application Management section of Central Administration, click Manage web applications.
      • Click to highlight the line for the Web application where you would like to enable Vizit Notifications.
      • In the ribbon, select Manage Features.
      • In the Manage Web Application Features dialog box, scroll down to the Vizit Notifications feature.  Select Activate.  Once the feature has been activated, select OK in the upper right corner to exit out of the dialog box.
    2. Configure outgoing e-mail for your farm or specific web application.  Before configuring outgoing e-mail, you must install and configure the SMTP service.  Refer to the following article for more information and detailed instructions on configuring outgoing e-mail and installing and configuring the SMTP service:
    3. Navigate to a document library on a site in which Vizit Notifications have been enabled.  Notice when you post a social comment on a document, you will now see a button with a yellow bell directly underneath the text area where you are typing your comment:


      This new button indicates that notifications are enabled on this site.  By default the bell is yellow, meaning that you will be subscribed to this thread once you post your comment.  By subscribing to a thread, you will receive an e-mail notification of any changes in the conversation.  

      The e-mails will show the user that posted the comment, a thumbnail preview of the document the comment was posted to, the text of the comment, and a link to the conversation:


      To subscribe to a thread after a conversation has already been started, you can simply click on the bell icon on the first panel where the thread originated or click on the bell icon in the overlapping second panel containing the replies to the thread.  Both icons will be directly below the profile picture of the user that posted the comment:


      If you do not want to receive notifications or would like to stop receiving notifications, simply click on the bell icon and it will change from yellow to white indicating you are no longer subscribed to the thread. 

    4. You will need to restart your SharePoint Timer Service to begin receiving notifications. The Timer Service Recycle job runs by default once daily at 6 AM to recycle the timer service in order to free resources. You can restart your timer service by opening a command prompt and typing in the following:
      • net stop sptimerv4 <enter>
      • net start sptimerv4 <enter>
    5. The frequency with which you receive e-mail notifications is determined by the settings on your Immediate Alerts Timer Job. By default, this is scheduled to run every 5 minutes. If you would like to change the frequency of this job, follow these steps:
      • From within Central Administration, select Monitoring.
      • In the Timer Jobs section, select Review job definitions.
      • Scroll down to locate the Immediate Alerts Timer Job for the specific web application you are targeting.
      • Click on the job title.
      • In the Recurring Schedule section, modify the schedule to fit your needs.
      • Select OK to save your changes.
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