Activating or Reactivating a License on a Farm Without Internet Access

After installing Vizit for the first time, you must activate the license provided to you. Also, when changes are made to your license, you must reactivate it for the updates to take effect. During this process, Vizit communicated with our servers to validate the key and provide a signed key to your Farm. Follow the steps below for activating or reactivating your license on a Farm that does not have access to the internet:

  1. Navigate to Vizit's "Manage License" page in Central Administration.
  2. After a brief moment, Vizit will present you with either the "Online" or "Offline" activation forms.
  3. If you are presented with the "Online" activation form (the "Offline" activation form includes a 7 step process for retrieving and activating your license key) and you are still not able to complete the process, point your browser to the following URL:
    http:// path/to/_admin/Vizit/Licensing.aspx?netstatus=Offline
    • If you are trying to reactivate your a license that is already applied to this Farm, point your browser to this URL instead: 
      http:// path/to/_admin/Vizit/Licensing.aspx?netstatus=Offline&reactivate=1
  4. Follow the steps provided to activate your license offline.
Note: You will have to replace "http://path/to/" with the URL of your Central Administration Web Application.
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