Vizit 2.3

  • Added a feature to access a specific page in a document via a URL call to VizitSP DMS
  • Removed List Integration web part dependency on having the Type field displayed in a view for Vizit to render
  • Streamline the architecture for viewing InfoPath documents
  • Added Vizit SP version numbers to all administration pages for easy retrieval
  • Streamlined the architecture for Viewing Infopath documents
  • Added "Re-Arrange Pages" action to the Thumbnail Context Menu 
  • Reworked the Property Editor to a cleaner looking user interface design
  • Updated Vizit About dialog to use our new Atalasoft logo
  • Fix a bug saving documents that are not the active selected document
  • Enhanced the resolution for PDF documents when zooming in very closely
  • Fixed a bug where the Document Explorer would not load if Vizit opened a document it cannot view.
  • Fixed a bug where some MSG files would not render correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where some Alternate Mapping configurations break viewing documents from a keyword search in the Vizit DMS user interface
  • The property editor no longer partially updates items if updating multiple fields where one field value entered was not valid
  • Fixed a bug where the title of the document is not always updatad in Vizit Previewer
  • Fixed a bug opening multiple documents in Vizit via a URL. Users can now open multiple documents to a specific page.
  • Fixed a bug where the VizitSP List Integration webpart would not work with a slide library
  • Fixed a bug that caused any page rearrangement to fail
  • The Search Integration web part now renders its icons to the right of the Type icon keeping the Type icons vertically aligned on the page
  • Added more informative messaging when the ActiveX scanner control isn't loaded or fails to load
  • The ActiveX scanner now supports authentication on machines where the logged in user is authenticated with forms-based authentication but whose windows login is not authorized on the SharePoint site
  • Added more messaging for administrators when using an expired evaluation license
  • Search Integration web part no longer causes errors when deleting it from a web part zone
  • Fix a bug where resizing the Window after a Right Click causes issues with causing context menu to hide
  • Fixed issues with messaging for administrators when using the List and Search Integration web parts
  • Made the ActiveX scanner control more efficient at saving documents
  • The SharePoint Solution Installer no longer allows installations from being retracted or updated if the currently running installer is older than what is installed
  • Streamlined the way the Property Editor works to make it faster
  • Added native support for Microsoft Excel document formats
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