Vizit 2.2

  • Added many new configurable options for the viewer. For more information on how to add a configuration profile to Vizit SP, please refer to the updated knowledge base article.
  • Added support for InfoPath forms (both web-based and desktop-based).
  • Added REST service to convert InfoPath forms (and other documents stored in SharePoint) to PDF format. InfoPath to PDF conversion preserves form attachments.
  • Added Vizit List Integration web part as an alternative to using the Vizit column and integrates with all list view web parts on a web part page.
  • There are now tooltips for the Viewer and Previewer icons.
  • Documents that are checked out by Vizit SP and not saved will now have their checkouts discarded.
  • Now Vizit does not require .NET 3.5 to run search-related and page manipulation functions.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the viewer and previewer to fail when rendering a Word document if it was opened in Vizit before Word support was enabled.
  • Fixed a problem with the Vizit Scanning ActiveX control which prevented it from installing on Windows 7 client machines.
  • Fixed an issue where Vizit would not behave as expected when the format of the document was not supported.
  • Vizit no longer prompts the user for comments when a given library does not have versioning enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where uninstalling Vizit would cause future exports of a site collection to fail. Please see our knowledge base article for more information on how to resolve this issue when uninstalling 2.1 or earlier.
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