Vizit 3.0

  • Adding a faster document viewing system that replaces the Vizit previewer.
  • Added localization for German, French, Spanish, Italian and UK English
  • The Vizit column has been deprecated in favor of the Vizit List Integration Web Part. The column will be removed completely in an upcoming release.
  • Fixed an issue where the Document Explorer wouldn't successfully load for sites, lists, document libraries whose folder names differed from their titles
  • Fixed an issue where some alternate mapping configurations break viewing documents from a keyword search in the Vizit Pro user interface
  • Fixed an issue where context menu items that triggered sub menus would cause the whole context menu to disappear when clicked.
  • Fixed issue where Mail button would fail to work in IE. Outlook would report an error.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple context menus could be visible at once in DMS.
  • Added better error reporting on the licensing page
  • Fixed an issue with web parts that caused them not to detect all of the Edit and Display modes
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