Vizit 5.0

Note: If you're upgrading from 4.1 and have comments in SX, please migrate them by following the instructions in this Knowledge Base Article:

New Features

  • Users can now create Vizit Social Footnotes as just a highlight outside of SX.
  • Search Term Highlighting in Vizit Essential of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Searchable PDF, and other formats.
  • Search Center Results open directly into Search Term Highlighting pane in Essential with easy access to Top Hit.
  • New List Search Web Part.
  • System-Wide Watermarking with Session Data.
  • Property Editor in Essential for updating metadata next to the document view.
  • Cache Cleanup is now performed by a manageable timer job.
  • Users can subscribe to threads in Social Conversations.
  • New Unified UI
  • Yammer Integration

Feature Enhancements

  • Added support for using SX with documents external to SharePoint. *
  • Enhanced licensing process for offline SharePoint environments.
  • Added API Calls for rendering images at various sizes.
  • Added support for Link to Document content type in Vizit Essential and Instant Previews.
  • Added ellipse annotation to Vizit SX.
  • Drastically improved caching mechanism.

Fixes included in this release

Vizit Essential

  • Addressed issues with users with view-only permissions
  • Addressed an issue where Instant Previews would fail to load for documents with apostrophes in their name.
  • Fixed issues with icon alignment.
  • Addressed issues with rendering MSG files originating from Gmail.
  • SX no longer makes requests while it is inactive.
  • Fixed a problem where People Picker and Uploading Multiple Files would fail to work in the general SharePoint interface when Vizit was active.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause the "Add document" link in Document Libraries to fail when Vizit was active.
  • Button tool tips now appear when in full screen mode.
  • Fixed an issue where External.aspx would fail to load in Chrome under certain circumstances.
  • Addressed an issue where External.aspx would load off-screen in Chrome.
  • Instant Previews always display in the browsers view port.
  • Addressed an issue where a scroll bar would appear (or get shorter - indicating that additional white space was added to the page) in search results when hovering over Instant Previews.

Vizit Social eXchange (SX)

  • Fixed an issue where saving changes to Office file formats from their Web and Native apps would result in corrupt SX comments.
  • Addressed an issue where annotations could not be added in Chrome after scrolling.

Vizit Pro

  • Addressed issues with scanning into Document Sets.
  • Fixed a problem where splitting a document in a library that has versioning enabled, multiple versions (3) would be saved as a result.
  • Addressed an issue where certain properties would not be properly copied to the resulting document after a split.
  • Ratings Column now loads properly in Property Editor


Download the Latest Release of Vizit

* "External files" refers to files opened in Essential via Document References using the direct URL or UNC paths to those files. Files on the web must be accessible from the SharePoint Web Front Ends and be accessible via anonymous access. Files in UNC locations must be accessible from the SharePoint Web Front Ends and be accessible via the corresponding Application Pool Account.
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