Vizit 5.2 (Updated)

In addition to the changes listed below, please refer to the Vizit 5.2 release notes for a full list of changes and additions to Vizit.


The 5.2 release has been updated. This new build can be downloaded from For those upgrading from a build prior to 5.2, please be sure to read the release notes of subsequent builds and follow any necessary steps for data migration, where necessary.

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in an AccessViolationException to be thrown under specific circumstances. 
    • If you cannot upgrade to the 5.2 release and are using 4.1, please download this 4.1 build:
  • Improved performance of displaying Instant Previews in search results as well as general page-load performance. With this change, Instant Previews in search require additional configuration and all customers should refer to these KB articles:
  • Fixed an issue where, under certain circumstances, scanning would fail with the error message, "EZTWAIN function called with invalid window handle.  EnableSource - !IsWindow(HWND)".
  • Addressed an issue where Instant Previews could fail in search results when search terms contained certain, non-alphanumeric characters.
  • Fixed an issue where the Property Editor in Vizit Essential would fail to load properly.
  • Added a Vizit.API .NET assembly containing API calls for generating PDFs that contain Vizit Pro annotations. For more information on these API calls, please refer to this KB article:
Note: As with all releases, end users of Vizit Pro will have to clear their browser cache to get the updated JavaScript files.
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