Vizit 5.3 (Updated 5/6/2013)

Feature Enhancements

  • Enhanced Vizit Essential performance when operating in site collections with large document libraries (100K+ documents)
  • Enhanced Vizit Instant Preview performance

Fixes included in this release

  • Fixed a bug that caused Vizit Instant Previews, Essential Clips and ShortLinks not to work in Drop-off libraries, or for documents that have never been checked in
  • Fixed Infopath rendering
  • Fixed re-use of disposed SPWeb object
  • Fixed an issue that caused Essential not to work on documents whose name contained a plus (+)
  • Changed the default behavior for Instant Previews to be off.
    Fixed a bug that caused issues with drop-down menus inside the Essential property editor
  • Changed Pro behavior: document tab is closed after save when closing
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Essential to fail in a multi-zoned farm
  • Better error handling in the Vizit List Search Webpart
  • Fixed an issue where Ribbon buttons would appear multiple times if the Vizit Everywhere features were activated at multiple levels affecting the current scope in 2013.
  • Removed the Edit Control Block menu buttons for opening Essential and Pro in 2013.


Download the Latest Release of Vizit

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