Vizit 5.3 (Updated 9/30/2013)

Fixes included in this release

  • Fixed an issue where documents would fail to render when using different alternate access mapped URLs
  • Fixed an issue where documents without a file extension would rail to render, even when they are a supported file type
  • Fixed an issue wit Vizit's list even receiver subscription that would leave old event receivers registered.  This issue would raise Health Alerts in Central Administration
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Vizit's dialogs to appear over top of SharePoint's dialogs
  • Fixed an issue where in-document search would fail due to colons within the search criteria
  • Forcing standards mode for all versions of IE
  • Removed the dependency from Parent URL Migration utility to any particular version of Vizit
  • Fixed an issue with workspace cache that could cause a Null Reference Exception
  • Fixed an issue where Vizit would fail to render documents because it would unescape URL parameters twice
  • Fixed an issue where Vizit would not escape URL parameters when necessary
  • Fixed an issue that caused merging documents in Vizit Pro to not work
  • Fixed an issue that caused watermarked images to be cached
  • Fixed an issue where maximizing Vizit Essential would result in bad window position
  • Added Vizit.API.Reload javascript call for Vizit Pro


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