Vizit 6.0

New Features

  • New Attachments pane allows for viewing attachments to emails stored in a Document Library.
  • New Bookmarks pane allows for navigating a PDF's bookmarks tree.
  • Hovering over the type icon next to a document in SharePoint 2013 shows a preview of that document.
  • Clicking the type icon next to a document in SharePoint 2013 opens that document in Vizit Essential.
  • Added VIZIT_SETTINGS property to allow for the Property Editor to be automatically expanded when Essential is opened.
  • Added additional JavaScript APIs for Pro.
  • Added ability to register custom annotations with Vizit Pro using .NET. See this KB article for a walk through and a code sample:
  • Added Vizit Pro site-level feature which adds a ribbon button and drop down item for Vizit Pro.
  • Added Full Screen Thumb View to Vizit Pro.

Fixes included in this release

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent Vizit from loading documents in sub sites that contained spaces in their path.
  • Fixed an issue that would result in External.aspx requiring authentication when used in sites that allow anonymous access.
  • Fixed an issue which would prevent thumbs from appearing in the List Search Web Part in SharePoint 2013.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented documents from opening in Essential when clicking document links in SharePoint 2013 even with the "Open Documents in Essential" option checked in Central Administration.
  • Fixed display issues for components in the Column Query tab in Pro.
  • Fixed an issue which caused annotations in Pro to be offset from the authoring cursor in IE10.
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