Vizit 6.1

New Features

  • Protect your company's content with Vizit DRM.
  • Added API for extending Vizit DRM to redirect users to Vizit Essential or Vizit Pro when attempting to download a file based on the file's location and the current SharePoint context.
  • Added API for viewing content outside of SharePoint.
  • Added API for rendering document formats that are currently unsupported by Vizit, natively.
  • Added API for custom watermarking in Vizit Essential.
  • Added API for more easily deploying custom configuration profiles for Vizit Pro.
  • Added support for Host-Named Site Collections.
  • Added support for SharePoint 2013 environments with Minimum Download Strategy enabled.

Fixes included in this release

  • Enhanced support for Pro in IE11
  • Fixes a bug which would disable the Scan button in IE11
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