Vizit 6.3

New Vizit Pro Features

  • Users can now split and rotate vector-based PDFs.
  • Added feature to prevent users with read-only permissions from moving or editing annotations. Prior to this fix, they could be moved, but the changes could not be saved.
  • Better handling of PDFs with bookmarks when rearranging/deleting pages from the PDF.
  • Added better control over how Vizit handles versioning in libraries with versioning enabled.
  • Disabled search in Pro by default.
  • Annotations now rotate when rotating frames in Vizit Pro.
  • Added IAnnotationRepository plugin API that gives more control over where annotations are stored and who can access them.

New Vizit Essential Features

  • View-only rotate.

New Vizit DRM Features

  • DRM now disables the print & download buttons in Essential and Pro for all users in DRM groups.
  • More control over groups: You can now add an Active Directory group to a SharePoint DRM group, and all users within the Active Directory group will have DRM applied.
  • Custom watermarks display on documents printed from Vizit Essential.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Improved support for viewing DWG files.
  • Added support for viewing VSDX files.
  • Removed Rendition Service, replaced with a new, more powerful IPdfConverter API.

Fixes included in this release

Fixes in VIZIT_SETTINGS, hover previews, IFileRetriever API, deleting documents in Pro.

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