How to Take the Perfect Screen Shot

A picture is worth a thousand words, and that statement can't be any more true for screenshots. Being able to see the error in the same context that it was seen by the user might provide additional clues that could either point our support team toward the answer or provide them with enough information to ask the right questions.

Here are a few tips on capturing the perfect screenshots:

  1. Take multiple pictures. If possible, take a screenshot immediately before the error occurs, take another after the undesired behavior occurs.
  2. Don't crop it. There is a lot of information on a web page that might seem unrelated to the issue at hand but might point us in the right direction. If there is sensitive information on the page, feel free to redact it before submitting the image.
  3. Attach them to your ticket individually. Our support system allows you to upload multiple attachments in a single ticket comment. By uploading the files individually instead of zipping them up or placing them in a Word document, we are able to more quickly view the screenshots when investigating your issue.
  4. Refer to your images in your ticket. Use descriptive names for your files and refer to each image when describing the issue in your ticket. If multiple images are taken, include the number of the picture in the sequence of events in the file's name.

How to Take a Screenshot

The steps above describe a few basic techniques for providing us with the best possible pictures of your issue. In order to take those screenshots, you only need the tools that are already on your computer. "Print Screen" and Paint.

  1. When you see the issue, press the Print Screen button on your keyboard. It is generally located in the upper right hand side of the keyboard above the number pad. This copies a picture of your screen to your clipboard.
  2. Open up Microsoft Paint by clicking on the Start menu and finding it under All Programs > Accessories > Paint.
  3. Paste the contents of your clipboard onto the canvas using the Edit menu.
  4. Save the file (a good place would be the Desktop - just so it's easy to remember).
  5. Remember, attaching the screenshots as separate files to the ticket will help us quickly view those screenshots when investigating the issue.
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